Green Electricity

Consume Green Electricity from the biggest renewable source electricity supplier in the Czech Republic. Do you want to contribute significantly to the reduction of harmful emissions.

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Join us on the journey of environmentalism and strive for sustainable development.

We can ensure the supply of 100% green electricity and help you quickly and simply reduce your emission footprint.

The CEZ Group is the biggest renewable source electricity supplier in the Czech Republic, especially thanks to the cascade of water power plants on the Vltava. We also buy out electricity from local Czech producers and thus support their business.

Each unit of Green Electricity has its own audited “birth certificate”, i.e., a Guarantee of Origin, which confirms that the elektricity actually comes from a renewable source.

The product is suitable for all consumers, both physical and legal entities.

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How Green Electricity is provided via Guarantees of Origin

Upon arranging a contract, you receive confirmation from us that you have started consuming Green Electricity. Once per year, we will issue you a certificate confirming the overal amount of Green Electricity supplied.

The Guarantees of Origin provided by us are issued (and recorded) by OTE a.s., which is a part of the European EECS system. This is currently the only transparent way to present evidence of Green Electricity that can allocate the actual electricity produced from renewable sources to the end user.

Producers of electricity using renewable sources have the option to request OTE a.s. to issue the Guarantees of Origin for the quantity of electricity produced from renewable energy sources supplied to the grid.

Consumers can in turn utilize the Guarantees of Origin to exclusively cover their consumption by Green Electricity.

The OTE a.s. system is used to apply the Guarantees of Origin (in the arranged amount) to the end user, allocating Green Electricity directly to the customers and their consumption.

Once applied to a customer, the Guarantees of Origin are rendered void and cannot be reused. At the same time, a confirmation is generated that the corresponding amount of Guarantees of Origin for the specified period has been applied to the given customer.