Energy consulting and management

Use modern technology and think about long-term sustainability. Are you considering the optimization of your energy systems and energy consumption? Are you considering the renewal of your energy equipment?

I wish to calculate my savings

What can you expect from us?

We provide design and engineering services. We offer a unique solution for the efficient use of energy. We also provide energy audit and management.

We will design a suitable solution and produce project documentation

We will choose the optimal technology for your project

We will ensure effective operation

Our solution is suitable for the public sector, industry, services and customers who plan the implementation of energy saving projects or implementation of new construction in general.

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How to optimize energy systems and energy consumption?

Energy consulting

We will perform an initial quick analysis of potential savings for free

We will offer a "mini-audit" that explores specific options for cost-effective or low-cost cost-saving measures

We will propose specific saving measures

We have the unique know-how of our specialists across the ČEZ ESCO Group

Energy audit

We will perform an in-depth audit in order to identify weaknesses

We will propose specific cost-saving measures, quantify potential and guaranteed savings, and ensure the complete implementation of your project

A mandatory energy audit according to the requirements of current legislation is a suitable input for the preparation of applications for subsidies and determination of suitable investments in the future

Energy management

Thanks to our management, you will have your processes and energy management under control

We ensure the long-term monitoring of your operation

We will oversee the effective use of energy and achievement of your planned savings

We identify suitable investments and optimize operations related to energy consumption or production