Photovoltaic plant

Keep electricity under control and produce your own. Do you wish to reduce your company's dependence on electricity supply? Would you like to protect yourself against rising energy prices? Are you thinking about being more environmentally friendly?

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What can you expect from us?

We offer a complete solution for alternative energy sources that will ensure energy savings and self-sufficient operation even during a power failure.

Our solution is suitable for municipalities and cities, funded organizations, schools or kindergartens, and medium-sized companies.


We will advise you

We will advise on your project and its administration, including the processing of licenses through ERU and applications for distribution system connections.


We will finance

We will finance your investment in photovoltaics, and we will also provide it as our service or as a model for CZK 1.


We will build

We will perform a turnkey installation according to the project and the given locality’s possibilities.


We operate

We will take care of the effective and safe operation.


We care

We provide remote monitoring, including control room, regular and unscheduled inspections and servicing, and terrain and vegetation maintenance.

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What are the other benefits for you

100% guarantee of distribution network connection.

In conjunction with the battery system, it can serve as a fully-fledged power source during a power failure.

We can link our solution to heat pumps, ventilation systems, or electric car charging stations.

We deal with industrial energy storage.

25-year warranty for 80% panel performance.

They rely on us



  • Installation of solar panels on the roofs of buildings, construction of a solar carport and provision of battery storage, thanks to which it is possible to take the stored energy at any time.
  • The power plant with a total area of over 2,200 m2 has the highest rated output of 441 kilowatt-peak (kWp).
  • Investment in the amount of 30 million CZK - a project supported within the OPPIK Program.

„With the new photovoltaic power plant, we will cover a quarter of the electricity consumption of our Service and Training Center in Kosmonosy with energy obtained in a climate-neutral way. Solar energy can be stored in 570 KWh batteries, from where it can be taken at any time, among other things to charge the batteries of electric cars.”
Stanislav Pekař, Head of After Sales at ŠKODA AUTO

Škoda auto



LIDL retail chain

What did we supply?

  • Installation of photovoltaic panels at 8 selected stores of the Lidl retail chain. They cover at least 20% of the chain's consumption.
  • Total output 100 kWp/store.
  • Annual energy saving plan of 800 MWh.
  • Thanks to the consumption of electricity from its photovoltaic panels, Lidl contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions by 420 tons per year.

Savings per year

800 MWh
420 tons of CO2