Energy storage

Protect yourself against unexpected power failures. Do you wish more control over electricity consumption? Are you producing more electricity than you can use at the moment?

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What can you expect from us?

In the form of battery storage, we will provide you with the functioning of the essential infrastructure necessary for the operation of your facility.

Our solution is suitable for industrial facilities or power plants.


We will advise you

We will design the optimal solution according to the operational needs of the given site, also in a combination with other products


We will finance

We will evaluate the possibility of securing investment financing or provision as a service


We will build

We implement our turnkey solutions per the actual needs and conditions of your operation and required purpose of use


We operate

We provide continuous supervision over technology and system configuration in order to achieve optimal values


We care

We provide after-sales equipment service

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What are the other benefits for you

Scalable solution (from kW/kWh to MW/MWh).

Various uses (energy storage, load shifting, peak shaving, support services, etc.).

Ensuring the stability of your local network.

You may reduce your reserved capacity by covering power peaks.

Assurance of additional performance.

They rely on us

Tušimice Power Plant

What did we supply?

  • Delivery of a big-capacity battery solution – the first of its kind in the Czech Republic.
  • Energy storage and testing of various support services regimes for the Czech energy system.
  • Parameters: Power 4 MW, capacity 2.8 MWh, start in a few ms.
Elektrárna Tušimice


power 4 MW
kapacita 2,8 MWh
start in a few ms