What is PPA? A long-term agreement on the supply of renewable energy at a fixed or indexed price. The PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) guarantees the cost of the energy as well as its renewable origin.

What can you expect from us?

A renewable energy source generates energy directly for you.

No investment is required. You only pay for the electricity supplied.

Electricity price guaranteed
for 10–15 years.

How the PPA contract works

The Power Purchase Agreement by ČEZ ESCO creates the connection between your company and a specific renewable electricity source. Renewable energy can cover up to 100% of your consumption. In this way, you can secure a long-term fixed price for MWh of electricity supplied under the PPA.


  1. Choosing the right option – depending on the specifics of your company, we will help you to find the best project and PPA contract option. This results in an indicative offer.
  2. Term-sheet – the PPA contract is a commitment for 10–15 years. It is necessary to discuss and understand all terms in detail.
  3. Signing a preliminary agreement or the PPA contract itself – defining the contractual terms and setting a commencement date for the PPA supply.
  4. Installation of the renewable power source – constructing the given type of generating unit with an agreed generation capacity gets underway.
  5. Beginning of supply – the electricity supply will start on a predetermined date. You will receive the Guarantee of Origin for the electricity you have consumed, which confirms that the electricity is generated from renewable sources.


Several specific parameters must always be taken into account when choosing the appropriate option. We will be happy to help you choose the right one.

On-site PPA

The renewable generating unit is installed on the customer’s property or physically connected with the consumption point. More information about on-site PPA - Photovoltaics for CZK 1.

Off-site PPA Pay as Produced

Supply of green electricity without direct physical connection with the consumption point. The customer undertakes to consume x % of the electricity generated. The amount of energy produced is not guaranteed due to external influences such as light, wind, etc. The advantage is the lower price compared to the Pay as a Contracted option.

Off-site PPA Pay as Contracted

Supply of green electricity without direct physical connection with the consumption point. A specific supply volume is guaranteed by the producer according to a prearranged supply diagram. The price of this option is typically higher compared to Pay as Produced.

Why choose PPA from ČEZ ESCO:

  1. The widest range of generating units. ČEZ has committed to installing 6 GW of photovoltaic power plants by 2030. If necessary, we also offer projects from third-party investors. This allows us to select the generating unit that best suits your consumption profile and requirements.
  2. Backed by a large and credible company – CEZ Group.
  3. Assistance with the conclusion of the PPA contract.
  4. Generating units have so-called additionality, which means that new generating units will be installed for your consumption under the PPA.


Contract duration

12 years


Fixed price per MWh for the duration of the contract


Pay as Produced – 100% of the production of the generating unit.

Guarantees of origin

 Include in the supply. The fixed price includes the Guarantee of Origin price.