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AUp to 60% of building energy is lost due to the incorrect use of energy.
Where does energy leak?


Great energy savings can be achieved by reducing waste on the part of the employees themselves. Even today, it is quite common to see empty lit offices with air-conditioning running. And only a very small percentage of companies analyze data on their energy consumption and plan further optimizations.


Modern lighting systems work with intelligent sensors that can automatically optimize lighting according to room occupancy, natural light, and other parameters. The LED technology not only allows significant savings in electricity, but also a change in temperature (color) of lights, which brings better working conditions.


Poor quality windows can mean huge heat losses. However, their modernization not only affects the heating effectiveness, but also the air quality and humidity. This issue, therefore, needs to be addressed comprehensively together with the air ventilation system.

Air ventilation system

In numerous buildings today, people use air-conditioning completely unnecessarily instead of focusing on better thermal protection and intelligent operation. In the winter, on the other hand, windows are used for ventilation instead of central systems with recuperation.


Building heating systems significantly affect operational effectiveness. This primarily depends on the availability of individual sources (gas, district heating), ecological requirements, and construction options of buildings. Heat regulation plays an important role as well – modern smart thermo valves can maintain thermal comfort without unnecessary losses.

Thermal insulation

Heat must not only be produced effectively, but also kept in the building. Modern thermal insulation systems can not only keep the building warm during cold weather, but also prevent it from overheating in the summer.