Are you planning to build a new cleanroom or renovate or expand an existing cleanroom and are looking for the ideal solution to carry out the construction without interrupting production processes?


An area in which the concentration of particles and other relevant parameters such as temperature, humidity, and pressure are controlled and which is designed and used to minimize clogging, generation and retention of particles in the room.

Cleanrooms consist of a self-contained cleanroom installation using appropriate structural elements, air handling, cooling and heating, high- and
low-voltage distribution, measurement and control systems, process media distribution, and other operational systems.

In addition to the cleanroom building and HVAC components, responsible personnel behavior, transportation, and handling of materials, sources, and media connections are also critical to proper cleanroom operation. A cleanroom construction provides a working environment with a defined class of cleanliness in accordance with the required cleanroom standards and regulations. Today, cleanrooms are mainly encountered in the electrical and automotive industries, optics and precision mechanics, pharmaceuticals, medical technology manufacturing, health care, and science and research.

What can you expect from us?

Comprehensive cleanroom services, including HVAC, cooling, high-voltage distribution, instrumentation and control systems, process media piping, and other operating systems.

Project documentation prepared in the BIM system. We design technologies leading to maximum energy efficiency of buildings.

In-house development and production of cleanroom components. We have our own equipment and professional specialization for pipework installation.


Entrust your project to our hands, we will handle it individually, from the conception of your project to the construction of your cleanroom.

  • Planning consultation, assessment of objectives, resources, options and deadlines, development of a feasibility study
  • Preparation of complete project documentation at all stages in the BIM system
  • Consultation of the project documentation with the relevant authorities and institutions
  • Securing all necessary opinions and decisions
  • Author’s supervision
  • Construction implementation and management
  • Customized cleanroom supplies
  • Implementation of the construction works without interrupting the surrounding production processes
  • Commissioning and test operation
  • Engineering activities in all phases of construction
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Qualification measurement and validation of cleanrooms
  • Regular inspections and revisions of buildings’ technological equipment


30 years of experience creating cleanrooms

More than 6 years of experience in BIM project documentation

EP MEDICAL — our brand of multifunctional operating room system

Experience in foreign markets (Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Switzerland)



  • General designer and contractor.
  • Modernization facilities of the production of the wafers and semiconductor chips, construction of extensions and above - ground connecting corridors - reconstruction and extension of cleanrooms of cleanliness class ISO 4 - ISO 9 (according to ISO 14 644-1) with a total area of 4,325 m2.
  • Reconstruction, new solutions of environmental technology for individual buildings and waste management.
  • Construction of technical gas source stations and related technological equipment, transformer stations and MV and LV substations.
  • Comprehensive solutions for environmental impacts.

Sterile injection production at SANECA PHARMACEUTICALS, a.s.

  • General designer and main contractor
  • Renovation of the building and construction of new cleanrooms of cleanliness class A, B, C, and D with a total area of approx. 400 m2
  • Construction of cleanrooms, including their treatment with environmental technology
  • Implementation of all construction works without interrupting other production processes
  • Validation of cleanrooms that meet the demanding requirements of GMP standards
Sterile injection production at SANECA PHARMACEUTICALS, a.s.

Eye clinic IVIO SERVICES s.r.o.

  • Design documentation and construction of two operating rooms and facilities, a surgery room, and ISO 7 cleanrooms for the laboratory
  • EP MEDICAL’s own multifunctional operating room system
  • General contractor of HVAC systems for the entire eye clinic
Eye clinic IVIO SERVICES s.r.o.