Get your electricity and heat from a local source. Are you wondering about heating your facilities efficiently and economically? Are you considering a complete energy management modernization?

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What can you expect from us?

We offer a comprehensive solution in the field of equipment for combined electricity and heat production, which will ensure greater security of energy supply, reduced emissions, and heating and electricity cost-savings.

Our solution is suitable for big heat consumers, such as local municipal heating plants, district heating systems, medical facilities, retirement homes, administrative and commercial centers, swimming pools, spas, sports centers or industrial enterprises.


We will advise you

We provide project, technical, organizational and personnel preparation, including legislative permits.


We will finance

We will make the investment at our own expense.


We will build

We will supply the technology and provide construction, installation, reconstruction or modernization.


We operate

We will ensure complete operation and supply produced heat and electricity to a distribution system.


We care

We provide after-sales service, maintenance, monitoring, and inspections.

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Sladovny Soufflet ČR

What did we supply?

  • Construction and operation of cogeneration units.
  • 2,000 kWe installed electric output.
  • 2,082 kWt installed heat output.
  • Installation of the exchanger, modifications of the heating system, and connection to the central control room.

“After the experience with the installation of a cogeneration unit in Nymburk, we decided to cooperate with ČEZ Energo, a member of the ČEZ ESCO Group, in our other production plants in Prostějov and Hodonice. The project implementation through the installation of cogeneration units in the malting process led to the significant reduction of primary fuel consumption, and particularly to the malting process streamlining.”Ing. Richard Paulů, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Sladovny Soufflet ČR

Production per year

6 GWh of electricity
22 500 GJ of heat

Prostějov Hospital

What did we supply?

  • Heat supply stabilization and reliability.
  • Greater comfort for patients as well as nursing staff.
  • Reduced natural gas consumption.
  • Construction modifications, construction of a transformer station and high voltage substation.
Nemocnice Prostějov