Jihlava Hospital

Energy Savings Projects (EPC)

How to achieve savings while maintaining the high quality of the offered services? This problem was faced by the Jihlava Hospital management. As one third of the operating expenses comprised of energy costs, the energy savings route represented the optimal solution.

The upgrade has virtually affected the entire energy infrastructure of Jihlava Hospital: heating and air-conditioning, steam production, and lighting technologies changed, heat insulation of buildings was improved, including a replacement of unsuitable wooden windows with plastic windows. ČEZ ESCO experts are now taking care of the hospital's energy management.

Newly, the hospital also uses cogeneration units, which generate electricity and produce residual heat that is used for heating. The surplus is then sold to the distribution network.

The project won the European Energy Service Award 2014 of the European Energy Service Initiative (EESI).

Lukáš Velev, General Manager of the Jihlava Hospital:

"The main advantage for us is that we were able to hand over all our energy equipment and its management to experts with the knowledge of savings worth our investment."

Savings of CZK 13 million annually are achieved in Jihlava thanks to the upgrade, of which the hospital pays the energy saving implementation and infrastructure management costs. After deducting the aforementioned costs, ČEZ ESCO guarantees CZK 4 million in savings.