Installation of a photovoltaic plant in the ŠKODA AUTO Service Center in Kosmonosy


The company ŠKODA AUTO, in cooperation with ČEZ ESCO and the energy company ŠKO-ENERGO, installed solar panels on the roofs of its Service Center in Kosmonosy. The panels installed on the building complex near the company's headquarters in Mladá Boleslav occupy a total area of over 2,200 square meters and annually supply more than 450 MWh of ecological energy. The carmaker in Kosmonosy thus covers almost 25 percent of electricity consumption with the new photovoltaic modules. This measure is also part of the Green Future Strategy, into which ŠKODA AUTO has merged its environmental activities.

Alongside the photovoltaic modules and batteries, this ecological solar energy project also includes lightning conductors and collection systems, electronic fire alarm systems, appropriate safety installations and capturing systems, modifications in transformer stations, as well as installation of structured cabling and low-current equipment for connecting the power plant and the battery storage to data networks of ŠKODA AUTO.

„With the new photovoltaic power plant, we will cover a quarter of the electricity consumption of our Service and Training Center in Kosmonosy with energy obtained in a climate-neutral way. Solar energy can be stored in 570 KWh batteries, from where it can be taken at any time, among other things to charge the batteries of electric cars.”
Stanislav Pekař, Head of After Sales at ŠKODA AUTO