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We focus on servicing large industrial enterprises. Our dedicated team of professionals is able to prepare comprehensive turnkey energy solutions for your business. Thanks to a wide portfolio of the latest energy technologies, including financing, we can bring you new perspectives on efficient use of energy and energy management in your business. We can also completely take over this activity for you.


Hamé Babice

In the industrial site of Hamé Babice, the largest processor of chilled and durable food, the complete installation and assembly of a cogeneration unit, heat and gas distribution, installation of a storage tank and construction of the distribution transformer station were carried out.

The implementation of the project resulted in a significant increase in the efficiency of primary energy use, bringing a decrease in costs of production of heat or steam used for food production by Hamé. The heat from the cooling system of the cogeneration unit is used to preheat the water fed into the boiler.

For Hamé Babice, this contract means:

  • Stabilization of supply and prices of heat
  • Pre-heating of water for the production of steam
  • Annual savings in heat generation of CZK 1 million

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Logit processes polyamide fiber. In order to optimize its operation, Logit decided to upgrade its 15 years old lighting system.

ČEZ ESCO together with the customer defined the needed lighting intensity for each hall and designed the overall refurbishment accordingly. For warehouses and shipping area, lighting of 100–200 lux is sufficient, but for packaging and quality control we need 500–750 lux. Positions of lights have also been changed. When machines in a certain part of the production hall are not operated, only the areas where machines are in operation remain illuminated. ČEZ ESCO installed the lighting and provides its service as well.


For Logit, this contract means:

The return time of the Logit’s investment in the new lighting system is 74 months.

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ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor, manufacturer of semiconductor chips with 1500 employees in Czechia, needed to restructure its energy management and improve the quality of electricity and cold supply.

 The path to savings began with the construction of new substations, thanks to which the company became independent of the local distribution system. Now it can purchase the electricity directly in the market. Three of the company's own sources of cold are currently being constructed. In addition to that, the reliability of supply—which is very important—has also increased thanks to ČEZ ESCO. Taking into account the continuous operation, any outage equals to high financial losses.

For ON Semiconductor, this contract means:

20–30 million in annual savings thanks to the upgrade of energy infrastructure by ČEZ ESCO.

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Teva Czech Industries s.r.o. (formerly IVAX, Galena) is a major pharmaceutical manufacturer with a very long history.

CEZ ESCO will be responsible for comprehensive energy management and the customer’s manufacturing technology. In addition, it will also propose operational optimization and savings to reduce carbon footprint and financial costs. It will also improve the predictive maintenance system, which will allow identifying potential defects in advance and prevent them from occurring.

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ŠKO-ENERGO is a multi-utility company, whose main activity is the comprehensive care of energy needs of Škoda Auto, its largest customer.

The customer had to deal with the issue of accidental outages in a production line. ČEZ ESCO has carried out a technical and economic study focusing on voltage drops. The study revealed that outages occur due to very low drops of voltage and are caused by too sensitive control systems of the production line, requiring higher grid quality than the applicable law.

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ArcelorMittal Ostrava is a member of ArcelorMittal Group, the largest global steel and mining consortium. Annually, it produces more than 2 million tons of steel, primarily for the construction and engineering industries.

The contract focused on renovation of lighting in the industrial site. Modern energy-saving lighting using LEDs has replaced obsolete mercury and halide lamps as well as traditional fluorescent lamps. At the same time, ČEZ ESCO designed and delivered the complete lighting control system, which is now able to exactly respond to each requirement from the plant.

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Sladovny Soufflet ČR, a.s. belongs to the Malting Division of the French group Groupe Soufflet, one of the largest global malt manufacturers and suppliers.

Within the premises of the malt plant in Prostějov, a cogeneration unit was installed in the malt drying process. Based on experience with the installation of a cogeneration unit in its Nymburk plant, the management of the company decided to cooperate with ČEZ ESCO in another production plant. The installation of the technology included the installation of the cogeneration unit, installation of an exchanger in the malt kiln, adjustment of the heating system, delivery and connection of the central control system.

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BENTELER Automotive is a strategic partner for the development of vehicles with a high level of innovation skills and expertise.

Within its new plant, ČEZ ESCO built new technological equipment producing compressed air with an installed power of 600 kW and a cool production technology with a nominal output of 2250 kW with a potential increase by 450 kW. Furthermore, the Company equipped the plant with cooling distribution lines and two cooling towers.  BENTELER uses the compressed air as a source of energy for pneumatic tools, clamps and linear drives. In the Klášterec plant, however, it is used extensively also for the operation of modern laser machining centers.

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