What can you expect from us?

We will provide a set of solutions related to the delivery, implementation, modernization or operation of distribution equipment and electric power facilities.

Our solution is suitable for industrial companies in the field of engineering, food industry, chemistry and pharmacy, storage halls or local distribution companies.


We will advise you

We will assess the current state or propose a new suitable turnkey solution according to the needs and situation per your site.


We will finance

We will secure investment financing.


We will build

We will ensure the delivery, construction, and installation, or we will renew or reconstruct your equipment.


We operate

We operate electrical equipment at any voltage levels and ensure continuous operation.


We care

We are on call 24/7/365 and perform regular inspections.

Identify your voltage level specifications


Very high (VHV), high (HV), and low voltage (LV) substations

HV distribution transformer station

Cable, internal high-current, and low-current distribution systems

LV and HV cable lines, including cable sets

Control system and protections up to 110 kV

Performing works through the PPN (live equipment) LV method

Installation of measuring equipment and completion of inspections


The equipment we supply meets the strictest criteria set by laws and regulations

We supply transformers that meet the Ecodesign loss requirements

Solving specific requirements for electricity distribution or supply

Establishment of Preventive maintenance rules and maintenance completion per the established rules

Completion of regular inspections

Troubleshooting (finding and eliminating fault or accident causes) and correcting detected faults

University of West Bohemia in Plzeň

What did we supply?

  • Contract for the operation of 10 transformer stations.
  • Contractual relationship for an indefinite period.
  • Operation of all the transformer stations owned by the customer.


What did we supply?

  • General modernization and repair of the existing roller line for railway wheels production.
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment and facilities for low-voltage electricity distribution in a new R6B substation.
  • Cable and data distribution system and routes, including a busbar system in the substation.
  • Earthing and protective connections.
  • Fire seals and partitions.