Public administration and commercial buildings

We have created our services for all who are looking for a reliable partner in the field of energy solutions for the public sector and commercial buildings, from electromobility and the Smart City concept, which focuses on innovative city technologies, to a wide offer of energy consultancy, public lighting and comprehensive energy savings projects.


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Energy savings project

An investment of CZK 126 million was required to overhaul the energy system of the Prague Congress Center (PCC), which was reconstructed while the Center was in full operation in 2016–2017. However, the huge investment paid off.

“We opted for EPC, a method under which the solution provider guarantees directly in the contract that the solution will achieve the required savings. I guess any manager would vote in favor of an investment that pays for itself within ten years,” says Lenka Žlebková, the Congress Center’s Sales and Marketing Director.

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The Prague Public Transport Company has leased 10 electric vehicles of different brands for 3 years through an operating lease from ČEZ ESCO.

The Prague Public Transport Company has deployed the electric vehicles within the fleet used for business-related traveling around the city. ČEZ ESCO was successful in delivering electric vehicles for the Prague Public Transport Company among other things because it offered a delivery of several vehicle brands (BMWi3, Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Soul ev, VW e-UP, VW e-golf) in a very short time. This is mainly thanks to our long-term relationships with car makers.

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At Jihlava Hospital, one third of the operating expenses consisted of energy costs. A search for savings was therefore the optimum solution.

The upgrade has affected virtually the entire energy infrastructure of Jihlava Hospital: heating and air conditioning technologies, steam production and lighting have changed, heat insulation of buildings have been improved, including a replacement of wooden windows with poor insulation properties by plastic windows. Energy management of the hospital is now being taken care by ČEZ ESCO experts. The project won the European Energy Service Award 2014 of the European Energy Service Initiative (EESI).

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This picturesque settlement in a beautiful natural environment has a number of historical and artistic treasures, making it an attractive location for both domestic and foreign visitors.

ČEZ ESCO, a.s. carried out a complete upgrade of the public lighting in the town. It was preceded by an evaluation of the current state of the lighting system, on the basis of which the upgrade was proposed so that the lighting conditions on the roads could be improved. Immediate savings in the operating expenses of the lighting system were also achieved.

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The management of Rudolfinum was seeking a way to improve the power management, quality ventilation and control of constant temperature and humidity in different parts of the building.

The upgrade concerned almost the entire technological background. The cold production plant and air conditioning underwent the most extensive reconstruction. The installation of new technologies in a historical building from1885 required an unusual approach and many unique solutions.

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This ancient settlement was founded in the 13th century and boasts a number of preserved monuments, as well as modern industrial sites.

Prior to the implementation, the Mohelnice heating plant used steam and hot-water piping to transport the heat to central steam and hot-water heat exchanger stations. Along with the construction of a gas-fired heating plant, 32 hot-water pressure-dependent transfer

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