ČEZ ESCO strengthens its position in Slovakia, buys the majority stake in the heating industry in Prešov

ČEZ ESCO already operates in Slovakia through its daughter companies like ČEZ Slovensko, ENESA and others and provides electricity and gas to the end consumers, as well as modern energy products, such as comprehensive energy savings. The transaction has already been approved by the antitrust office.

CEZ ESCO earns 55 percent in Spravbytkomfort, the remaining 45 percent remains in the hands of the city Prešov. The vendor of the majority stake, Facilitycomfort, owned by Vienna, wants to concentrate in its business on the Austrian market. The company Spravbytkomfort is the main producer and supplier of heat in Prešov, where it operates three heating plants and 43 block boilers. For heating, it uses environmentally friendly fuels: biomass and gas. It supplies heat to 23,000 dwellings and 90 public buildings. In the past year, sales reached almost 17 million euros.